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Superhot VR and Oculus Touch are a match made in murder heaven

This is how Superhot was meant to be played

Superhot Gameplay

Superhot is a game built on a simple premise: You are the baddest being in a world full of hostile polygon men who never learn their lesson. Time and time again they put you in impossible predicaments, but much like Bone Crusher (ft. Killer Mike and T.I.), you ain’t never scared. You have a superpower. Time only moves when you move, so you can survey your surroundings and fight your way out. You calmly weave around bullets. A coffee mug tossed in a foe’s face will give you time to close the distance, snatch his gun, and shoot the heck out of his whole gang.

Doing that in Superhot felt good. Doing it in Superhot VR feels downright rapturous. The stand-alone game features a set of combat puzzles designed specifically for use with the Oculus Touch controllers. With a motion controller in each hand, you’re free to dual-wield pistols, throw improvised weapons, and engage in fisticuffs with your crystalline assailants.

The Oculus Touch controls are surprisingly natural, and Superhot VR does a great job of interpreting your inputs and reacting in satisfying ways. Here are some things I did in my time with Superhot VR:

  • Punched a man in his groin so hard that he fell from a helicopter.
  • Shot two uzis in two directions while loudly cackling.
  • Tried some kicks (it didn’t work).
  • Shot a bullet out of the air.
  • Threw a bottle at a guy’s feet to trip him before shooting him out of a window.

If you have an Oculus Rift-ready PC and Oculus Touch controllers, you can try Superhot VR for yourself on Dec. 6.

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