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The Last Guardian: That’s a game that’s real

And it’s coming for you

It could still die.

On the latest episode of SEO Play, we discussed the once-mythical video game, The Last Guardian.

This game was prophesied long ago, at the ritual E3 ceremony in Los Angeles, California. Then it was lost to the sands of time for many years, while rumors swirled around it as wildly as bees at a picnic.

Now, The Last Guardian has finally been confirmed to be a real game, and it has been played by some people. Still, there are so many questions! Could it still be cancelled? Is it dead? Am I?

On SEO Play, a show where we harvest our content from Google’s autocomplete search results, we answer these questions and three more.

Did you think this was the great content you want more of? This is the seventeenth such episode we have done in this style, and you can see the rest with your eyeballs at the playlist linked below:

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