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Netflix introduces video previews to help you decide what to watch

But don’t think of it as a trailer

Netflix has introduced a new preview function that will play when users hover over a title to help them decide if they want to watch it, the company announced today.

According to a blog on Netflix’s website, the goal of the preview video is a part of an attempt to make the streaming experience better. The company is set to launch more original content than ever before in 2017 — with more than 1,000 hours dedicated to Netflix owned and produced TV and movies — and in order to not overwhelm subscribers with an endless choice of content, the preview has been installed to help make that decision making process easier.

“We know we have less than 90 seconds to capture someone’s attention and get them excited about a title,” Stephen Garcia, director of project innovation for TV at Netflix, wrote. “That’s why we’re introducing video previews into the TV browsing experience.

According to Garcia, a video preview isn’t the same thing as a trailer or teaser. Instead, Garcia describes the preview function as “specially designed video synopses that help members make faster and more confident decisions by quickly highlighting the story, characters and tone of a title.”

Netflix is rolling out the function today and it will be available to use in every country where the service is available. The 90-second preview will also be available to use for those using Netflix on consoles and OTT services like Roku set-top boxes.