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Rockstar brings Bully to iOS and Android

Rule the school on your phone

Bully: Anniversary Edition
Rockstar Games

Jimmy Hoskins is back at Bullworth Academy for another semester in Bully: Anniversary Edition, a remastered version of the open-world game coming to iOS and Android today.

Bully: Anniversary Edition contains the full content from the original game, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, as well as improvements from 2008’s Bully: Scholarship Edition. In addition, Rockstar Games says the title has been modified for “high resolution screens,” and has context-sensitive touch controls, as well as physical controller support. iOS users on newer devices can also use 3D touch for some controller actions.

There’s also new multiplayer content in Friend Challenges: arcade-style minigames that can be played asynchronously. These take on a classroom feel, and include dissecting a frog in Biology class and solving world problems in English class.

Using the Rockstar Games Social Club account will also let you transfer your Bully saves across devices.

You can download Bully: Anniversary Edition now for iOS and Android for $6.99.

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