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Super Mario Run’s live-action commercial is all about speed


If talking up Super Mario Run on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon wasn’t enough tonight, Nintendo also dropped a live-action spot for its upcoming mobile foray.

The ad features people of all ages and nationalities running across scenic locations and in front of landmarks across the globe, mixing some classic Super Mario Bros. theme notes and sound effects with an upbeat tune. You don’t even see our mustachio’d hero until the very final seconds, as he leads a pack of furiously running people into Times Square.

The ad shows no gameplay, but feels like a high-end TV spot for Mario’s first jump into mobile devices. Coupled with the game’s featured spot on a network late night show, it’s a sign that the marketing for Super Mario Run is aiming to cast a wide net.

Super Mario Run is out Dec. 15 for iOS devices for $9.99, after a free demo. In a partnership with Apple, the game will also be playable in Apple Store locations starting Thursday.

Super Mario Run live gameplay from the Apple Store in Grand Central!

Posted by Polygon on Thursday, December 8, 2016

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