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Third Cloverfield movie is confirmed, but God Particle mysteriously disappears

The mystery continues

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. sitting on a couch in the underground bunker set of 10 Cloverfield Lane Paramount Pictures/Bad Robot

The next Cloverfield movie could have both a different title and release date, based on changes made to Paramount's upcoming film schedule discovered today.

God Particle, a movie that was slated to be released in February 2017 and reportedly the next Cloverfield movie, has been taken off the release schedule. In its place, an official untitled Cloverfield movie has been added, although it’s slated to be released in 2018. In October, The Wrap reported that Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, wanted to release a new Cloverfield movie every year following the success of 10 Cloverfield Lane. According to an insider close to the project, Abrams, Bad Robot and Paramount have designs to build an entire cinematic universe around the one element of the films that connects them all: aliens.

Back in February, Abrams told Entertainment Weekly that he and his team had an idea for a third film that they wanted to explore but wasn’t sure if they would have a chance to do it. Still, 10 Cloverfield Lane made $108 million at the worldwide box office, and considering it only took $15 million to make, the movie marked a huge success for Paramount.

It seems unlikely that God Particle, which had already begun filming, would be taken off the schedule for no reason. All signs point toward the newly announced Cloverfield project actually being God Particle, but it’s unclear if that will be the final name of the movie.

The third Cloverfield movie will be released on Oct. 27, 2017. Polygon has reached out to Paramount for comment.