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EA picks up gorgeous adventure Sea of Solitude

The next EA Originals game

Sea of Solitude building waterway Jo-Mei Games
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Sea of Solitude is the latest title to be brought under Electronic Arts’ indie-focused EA Originals label, the publisher announced today.

Berlin-based Jo-Mei Games unveiled Sea of Solitude in February 2015 with some beautiful screenshots and GIFs on the game’s website. Sea of Solitude tells the story of Kay, a young woman so lonely that she was transmogrified into a monster. Kay putters around a deserted, partially submerged city on a small motorboat, encountering other creatures like her as she tries to understand what has happened to her.

Sea of Solitude is by far the most artistic and personal project I’ve ever created,” said Cornelia Geppert, the game’s writer and creative director, in an article from EA. “At times it is very challenging to dig that deep into your own feelings like core fears, longing and anger, but at the same time it is the most fulfilling thing to express those very feelings by putting it to people through art.”

Patrick Söderlund, executive vice president of EA Studios, announced the company’s EA Originals program during the company’s pre-E3 press briefing this year. The initiative is designed to help bring to market indie games that are “unique, gorgeous, innovative and memorable,” said Söderlund at the time. Developers working on EA Originals titles will receive funding for development, marketing and publishing, as well as more of the profits than they would get in a traditional publishing arrangement.

Sea of Solitude is the second EA Originals title. EA unveiled the program with Fe, another exploration-oriented 3D platformer that is being developed by Zoink Games.

“Like Fe, our first EA Originals title, Sea of Solitude captures the essence of the games we want players to discover through EA Originals,” said Söderlund, adding that Sea of Solitude tells a story that is “personal and human, and one that carries a powerful message.”

Jo-Mei and EA have not announced platforms or a release window for Sea of Solitude. For more, you can check out the video from January below, by YouTuber Anthony Carboni, to see gameplay footage and an interview with Geppert.

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