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Super Mario Maker heads to PC and mobile with wallpaper creator

The closest thing to a Nintendo PC port you're gonna get

Nintendo has launched a Super Mario Maker-themed wallpaper creator, expanding the game's level creation to the PC and mobile devices.

While the functionality of the wallpaper designer — or, if you prefer, Super Mario Maker wallpaper maker — is more limited than its Wii U counterpart, it's a fun riff on the in-game feature. Design options are available for both PC desktops and mobile screens, with various pixel resolutions to choose from. It's completely in Japanese, as this tool comes courtesy of the Japanese Mario Maker website, but it's intuitive enough to follow without understanding the language.

After selecting a platform, the creator offers tools akin to those available in Mario Maker. There are different Mario game-themed backgrounds and level packs to choose from, as well as a small set of objects to surround Mario with.

The only thing that's really missing is the ability to play through the tiny level you create, but that's what the Wii U game is for. With Nintendo's recent addition of web-based course searches to Mario Maker, it's become easier to share and find players' designs, too.

We were big fans of Mario's 2015 marquee console title, which we named our fourth favorite Game of the Year.

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