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Fighting off crabs and stealing boats with an adorable yarn-child in Unravel

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Unravel is kind of like the classic movie Baby's Day Out, if the baby were made of yarn, and used that yarn to complete some pretty clever puzzle-platforming challenges. Just like in that 1994 "imperiled toddler romp," Unravel's hero Yarny is both adorable and in near-constant mortal danger. He's too cute for you to want anything bad to happen to him, which is just too bad for you, because in the few hours I've spent with ol' Yarny, I've watched him get torn apart by crabs and drown in the ocean countless times.

You can watch Justin and I try to keep my beautiful yarn-child alive in the Overview video above. Don't watch it hungry, because you probably shouldn't indulge in our at-length discussion of Yarny's relative edibility.

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