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Archie Comics live-action series finds its Jughead and Betty

Sounds like The Suite Life of Archie and Jughead

Warner Bros. Entertainment has cast both Jughead and Betty for its upcoming live-action teen drama on The CW, Riverdale, which is inspired by the Archie Comics universe. Former Disney Channel star Cole Sprouse will play Jughead, while Lili Reinhart (Surviving Jack) will portray Betty, Archie Comics announced.

When Riverdale was first revealed last fall, longtime Archie fans were surprised by the proposed changes to the classic characters. A casting sheet shared by TV Line indicated that The CW was looking for a "hearing-impaired" actor to play an especially angsty version of Jughead, who was now the sworn enemy of former best friend Archie.

Betty, on the other hand, was described as an ADHD sufferer and subsequent Adderall addict, a striking change for the former girl next door. Whether these character descriptions hold true remains to be seen; Riverdale is currently in the pilot stage.

Greg Berlanti of The Flash and Arrow fame is producing the drama; Archie Comics' chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa wrote the pilot script.

The comic book version of Riverdale has gone under massive changes itself recently. The entire series was rebooted last summer, and its cast has been redesigned. Archie Comics recently revealed the latest of these changes: An upcoming issue will feature Jughead confirming that he is asexual. Previous iterations of the comics never made this explicit, although Jughead was never as interested in his female peers as his best friend Archie.

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