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Pokémon's newest legendary creature debuts this summer (update)

Next-gen monster to appear in X Y & Z movie

Pokémon number 722 has been revealed, courtesy of the next issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro. Magiana joins the lengthy roster as the franchise's next legendary, as seen in scans uploaded and translated by the Serebii fansite.

magiana pokemon

Not much is known yet about Magiana, seen above; more details will be shared when the magazine hits newsstands. What we do know, however, is that the Pokémon is classified as "man-made," having been deliberately created by humans. The metallic, orb-like monster is over 500 years old, according to CoroCoro.

Magiana will make its first appearance in the next Pokémon movie, the name of which Serebii translates as Pokémon the Movie: X Y & Z — Volcanion and the Exquisite Mechanical Magiana. That movie will hit Japanese theaters in July. It's unclear if and when Magiana will become available in-game after its theatrical debut.

Volcanion was previously the newest Pokémon, having been unveiled by The Pokémon Company in December. The monster was first seen when fans data mined Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It's not yet apparent how to add the dual fire/water-type to players' Pokédexes, however; it's not one of the legendaries being offered as part of this year's 20th anniversary download distribution promotion.

Unlike Volcanion and previous legendaries, Magiana's data hasn't been found to be included in any current Pokémon game. Volcanion is the last creature featured in this generation of games' Pokédex, but a new entry in the mainline Pokémon franchise has not been announced.

Update: The Pokémon Company has confirmed that the latest legendary, which is now called Magearna, will appear in a movie to debut overseas later this year. Magearna's typing remains unknown, but the company corroborates the Pokémon's manmade origins by terming it the Artificial Pokémon.

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