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Lego Batman, Trials HD and more now backward compatible on Xbox

Microsoft announces them when they're ready

Microsoft has made a new handful of Xbox 360 games backward compatible with Xbox One today. Joining the growing lineup are Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space, Lego Batman, Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Trials HD, according to the company's updated list.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is the spinoff of fellow 360 game Alan Wake, which Microsoft announced will be coming to Xbox One in April, coinciding with the launch of Quantum Break.

These are the latest games to officially be added to the backward compatibility roster. Over the weekend, however, Red Dead Redemption and other popular 360 games were available to Xbox One owners — albeit through a bizarre process, one which Microsoft ultimately shut down entirely. The company removed access to the files for Red Dead Redemption and the other 360 games and apologized for the confusion just yesterday.

Microsoft recently announced that it was changing how it would launch Xbox 360 games for Xbox One. Instead of releasing them in batches, the company now makes games available to Xbox owners once they're ready.

For the full list of Xbox 360 games you can play on your Xbox One, see our handy spreadsheet below.

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