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Monster Factory: Making the smallest and tallest horrors possible in Blade & Soul

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There has not been a Monster Factory subject that we have actually played less of while making a video than Blade & Soul. Just like, fair warning: If you expected to maybe learn a little bit about Blade & Soul while watching this NSFW episode of Monster Factory, you'll be heartbroken to learn that we don't really get past the tutorial. Maybe our progress was impeded by the sinister, smoky influences that really pull the strings of this MMO? Maybe we could have been more effective had it not been for the suffocating grasp of Big Analog?

Justin and I may not get very far into the game, but we do create two discrete nightmares for you to enjoy, both of which push Blade & Soul's character size limits to their breaking point. Seriously, all you need to know about this game is that it allows both Rat Baby and Succotash to exist in the same world, and that is beautiful.

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