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Serenely beautiful Adrift gets an interesting collector's edition with screenshot puzzle

Hypoxic, hypnotic first-person experience game Adrift is getting a collector's edition that comes packed in with a screenshot puzzle and astronaut ice cream, publisher 505 Games announced today.

Pre-orders for the limited edition version of the game open at 1 p.m. ET on Feb. 12 for $54.95. The collector's edition, created by iam8bit, ships with:

  • Windows PC Steam code which will arrive prior to the game's March 28 release
  • One of two screenshots turned into a high-resolution puzzle
  • A pack of delicious Neapolitan astronaut ice cream, savior of all middle school trips to the museum
  • And a fancy HAN-IV space station patch from the game.

Adrift is studio Three One Zero's first game. It draws its unique perspective from one of the co-founder's real-world experiences.

Adam Orth aimed to make a game about his experiences in 2013 in the eye of a social hurricane, about the time he sent a tweet about always-online technology which sparked a fury on the Internet, led to death threats against himself and his family and tore apart his sense of privacy and security. It was an easy metaphor, a game that opens on a scene of confused destruction in space, that drops its player into the space suit of a man struggling to make sense of an unseen powerful force that has destroyed everything he holds dear.

It was designed to be a three-hour first-person experience, but over the years of development it grew to become something bigger than just Orth's experiences.

The next level of puzzles.

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