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Fallout 4's survival mode to get 'complete overhaul'

And DLC is on its way

Fallout 4's survival mode will receive a series of major changes, Bethesda Game Studios announced. The developer teased several of these additions in a tweet.

Survival mode is the game's most difficult setting, increasing enemies' health and making the player character more susceptible to damage. In the previous Fallout game, however — Fallout: New Vegas — additional features, like permadeath and the inability to heal while sleeping, were included. Fallout 4's hardest difficulty neglected to include those handicaps.

The company also confirmed on Twitter that it's still at work on Fallout 4's downloadable content. More information as to what the game's DLC will entail is coming soon, Bethesda tweeted.

A season pass was announced for Fallout 4 ahead of its November launch, but few details have emerged since, including a release date. The developer did confirm a price for the expansion, however: Whenever it does arrive, it will cost players $30.

Bethesda also confirmed back in September that new features would be added to the game at no cost to Fallout 4 owners alongside paid DLC. That includes a Creation Kit for the game's PC version, which allows players to develop their own mods. That's set to launch sometime this year, but there's no release scheduled for it yet, either.

For a look at what Fallout 4 currently offers, check out our overview below.

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