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Deadpool sets new Thursday night record at the box office

A great start for the superhero

Deadpool earned $12.7 million during its debut Thursday night preview screenings yesterday, box office analysts report. That's a new high for an R-rated film that opened on a weeknight, according to Variety.

Deadpool beat out The Hangover Part 2's Thursday intake; the R-rated comedy made $10.4 million in 2011. Fox, which is producing the film based on the Marvel superhero comics, expects Deadpool to make upward of $70 million over its opening weekend. That figure's been adjusted based on the strong start, as industry insiders expected the movie to pull in somewhere north of $60 million prior to its record-setting debut.

Superhero fans who haven't already done so can now catch Deadpool in theaters, thanks to the efforts of star Ryan Reynolds and some leaked footage. We checked it out last week and had a good time with the action-comedy. Read our review for more or, if you're not yet familiar with the Deadpool character, consult our explainer first.

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