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Metal Gear Solid fan 'uncovers' 1980s D-Dogs TV show

It's a parody, and it's perfect

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is set during 1984, and the game routinely makes this fact known: It references historical events from the time period and incorporates popular '80s songs into the gameplay. The stars of the game even belong to an organization called the Diamond Dogs (or D-Dogs), a reference to a slightly older David Bowie album.

One inspired fan took The Phantom Pain's '80s influence even further, creating a pitch-perfect parody of a TV drama from the era based on the game. You can watch the fan-made opening for The D-Dogs, above, that creator Nick Hawryluk claimed to have found on VHS in his attic.

"Used to watch this as a kid. Anyone else remember this show?" he wrote in the video's description. It likely goes without saying that the answer to that question is "no," but the grainy re-purposing of Metal Gear Solid 5 footage impressively captures that '80s nostalgia.

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