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E3's PC Gaming Show returns in 2016 (update)

Beef up those gaming rigs

The PC Gaming Show, the computer gaming showcase put on by gaming publication PC Gamer and sponsors such as AMD, will return to E3 for a second iteration this year, PC Gamer announced today.

E3 2016's PC Gaming Show will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. PT on Monday, June 13. Note that that's the time slot traditionally taken by Electronic Arts, which decided to abdicate that spot in favor of a position one day earlier at 1 p.m. PT on Sunday, June 12. EA has also abandoned its typically massive booth on the E3 show floor for a three-day off-site event that will be open to the public.

The inaugural PC Gaming Show began at 6 p.m. PT on June 16, 2015, the Tuesday of E3 week last year. With a runtime of nearly two and a half hours, the show was definitely in need of some editing. The event was stuffed with more than 30 guests, many of whom didn't bring much in the way of new information — let alone announcements — to the table at which host Sean "Day9" Plott sat. Plus, the show was full of awkward moments, which you can see in the compilation below.

PC Gamer acknowledged the problems of last year's overlong show in today's announcement, and promised a better event this time around.

"In 2015 it was really important to us to get a big variety of participants on stage to help convey the spectrum of exciting stuff happening on PC, but an inevitable effect of that was that we ran quite long," said PC Gamer. "This year's show will be more focused, but packed with tons of new announcements and exclusive reveals."

Update: The show has been moved up by 30 minutes; it will now begin at 11:30 a.m. PT, not noon.

Polygon Supercut: The most awkward moments from the PC Gaming Show

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