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Destiny player hits level 40 without leaving the tutorial mission

That takes some ... persistence ...

In what might be the ultimate grind for a game that's notoriously heavy on it, someone reached level 40 using only Destiny's tutorial mission.

The guardian, YouTuber SerfaBoy, posted this eight-minute video of his exploits, and it must have been mentally draining. The tutorial will restart endlessly if a player doesn't kill the final elite enemy and leaves the area. The player still earns XP, however — albeit very slowly.

So SerfaBoy stuck it out over what must have been a godawful boring run — to say nothing of the temptation to just bail out and do other things in Destiny. It took him 98 hours of playing time to pull it off, racking up 62,674 total kills in that span.

If that's not bananas enough for you, then check out PCGamer, whose Christopher Livingston, back in late November, decided to play Fallout 4 without ever leaving Sanctuary, the game's first settlement area.

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