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Dark Souls player beats the game without taking a hit

That's what we call talent, folks

For the first time ever, one Dark Souls player on Twitch has done the seeming impossible: finish the game without ever taking damage.

Last night, streamer The_Happy_Hobbit, who regularly shares his Dark Souls playthroughs on his Twitch channel, broadcast his impressive run through the game. The eight-hour archival video is available above, giving a look into the especially talented player's run through FromSoftware's brutally hard game.

The_Happy_Hobbit referred to his playthough as "world record-setting;" he claims to be the first person on record to finish the game untouched. He's currently planning a follow-up stream in which he will attempt to complete a second no-hit run.

Dark Souls and its ilk are popular titles on Twitch. Last fall, the streaming community led a crowd-based Twitch Plays Dark Souls stream, with the viewing collective calling the shots and attempting to finish the game amidst the myriad contributors.

Dark Souls 3 is the latest title in the challenging franchise. Expect it to become another streaming favorite after it launches on April 12.

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