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Shooter Jennings to premiere new album inside a video game

In what could likely be classified as "the news you least expected to hear today," outlaw country star Shooter Jennings will hold the world premiere of his new album Countach ... inside Richard Garriott's fantasy MMO, Shroud of the Avatar. The event, set for 7 p.m. CST on Feb. 22, could safely be called "not your daddy's album release party," but that's especially true considering Shooter's dad happens to be country legend Waylon Jennings.

The new album, a tribute to disco master Giorgio Moroder, includes the talents of singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile, Marilyn Manson and Garriott himself on a track called "Chase." Those who attend the first listen event will have a chance to win vinyl copies of the album, as well as wax cylinder copies of tracks from Countach that can be played on in-game phonographs.

Attendees will also win the right to say they bore witness to arguably the weirdest gaming event of all time (excluding the entirety of Second Life, obviously). If you'd like to get the album through more traditional means, it's available for pre-order here.


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