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Street Fighter 5 receives SteamOS support this spring

Putting that Steam Controller to use

Capcom will add SteamOS and Linux compatibility to Street Fighter 5 later this spring, it announced on the game's Steam community forum. A free update available to all Steam owners of the upcoming game will allow players to use Steam Controllers or play Street Fighter 5 on Steam Machines or other Linux-based hardware.

The company announced that it would add SteamOS functionality for the latest Street Fighter back in December. There's no specific date scheduled for the update's arrival beyond the spring release window.

When the game finally arrives later this week — tomorrow, Feb. 16, on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, in fact — it will come without either Steam Controller support or its cinematic story mode, a franchise first. The full Street Fighter 5 story mode will arrive in June, also a free update for players.

Check out our gallery of screens from the game to see more Street Fighter in action in advance of tomorrow's launch.

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