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Powerpuff Girls go pop-punk with new theme song

Performed by Tacocat!

Last week, Cartoon Network premiered the first clip from its upcoming Powerpuff Girls revival. Now, the network has released the extended version of the show's new theme song.

The theme, which is performed and arranged by the band Tacocat, sounds very different from the original intro tune that played during the 1998 version of the show. For one thing, it's far more heavy on the pop-punk than anything else.

It's also a pretty empowering, girl-power-themed track, promoting the three superhero girls as a group of kids not to be messed with. It's a theme that the show explored back in the '90s and will continue exploring with the new series.

Although there are hints of the original theme in the new song — including the infamous introduction monologue — there's no doubt that this is an entirely new direction for the show.

The new Powerpuff Girls, which will debut later this year, also features three new voice actors and has a new executive producer.

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