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Mass Effect: Andromeda lead writer leaves BioWare for Bungie

Promises new title will "blow people away"

After joining BioWare less than five months ago, Mass Effect: Andromeda lead writer Chris Schlerf has announced he's leaving the company to work at Destiny developer Bungie.

Schlerf joined BioWare in its Montreal last year to work on the upcoming Mass Effect title, but announced Monday night on Twitter that he was heading to Bungie. He previously worked in the Seattle area at 343 Industries on Halo 4.

Schlerf said that working on Andromeda was one of the "best experiences" he's had during his career. He added that he believed the Mass Effect game would "blow people away" and he "couldn't have been prouder to be a part of it."

You can see Schlerf's full statement in the series of tweets below.

Schlerf isn't the first person from the Andromeda team to depart from BioWare, either. Back in December, senior development director Chris Wynne announced that he was also leaving the company.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth edition of BioWare's space exploring RPG series. It is scheduled to be released this holiday season.

Correction: Schlerf previously worked on Halo 4 at 343 Industries, not at Bungie. We've edited the article to reflect this.

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