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Grab Sega classics Jet Set Radio and Golden Axe on Steam for free

A limited time post-Valentine's prize

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Sega is giving away a package of games on Steam, including two of the company's classics. For an undetermined limited time, Steam users can grab Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe and the complete Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit at no cost.

To download the games, simply visit one of the bundled titles' Steam store listings. Choosing to install one of the free games will add all five of them to your Steam library.

The promotion is offered as part of Sega's current Make War Not Love 3 event. The annual faction-based Steam campaign asks players to choose a side based on one of the publisher's war-based games — Company of Heroes 2, Total War Attila or Dawn of War 2 — in order to unlock special discounts on other Sega releases. The current bundle is the first prize package generated by participants of the event, although all Steam users have access to the offer.

That's not the primary goal of the annual Make War Not Love event, however. Winning matches within the games themselves increases each side's ranking on the event page; whichever faction has the highest success rate by the campaign's end will unlock free downloadable content for their respective game.

The Valentine's Day-themed promotion is live now until Feb. 20. The three games at the center of the event are also currently on sale for 75 percent off as part of Make War Not Love, and it's not too late to choose a side.

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