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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 receives multiplayer-only 'starter pack'

On sale until the end of February

Activision has launched a starter pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, giving players a taste of the game's multiplayer options. The $14.99 release is currently exclusive to Steam and will only be on sale until Feb. 29.

Activision's FAQ goes in-depth as to what the starter pack does and does not include, but its Steam store page offers the bullet points. Players who pick up the limited multiplayer release will only have access to Black Ops 3's ranked matches, arena and freerun, as well as additional features like the theater and weapon paint shop.

What's lacking is the rest of Black Ops 3's campaign modes. Starter pack owners won't be able to play in custom multiplayer matches, either, and the level cap is set to 55. Players also are unable to reset their stats in the bare-bones release.

The multiplayer content of the game's season pass is available to starter pack users, however. Players will also be able to compete against those who own the full version of Black Ops 3.

If starter pack owners so desire, they can upgrade to the full game at a discount. The price paid for the multiplayer-only release is deducted from that of Black Ops 3. The option to purchase the multiplayer starter pack is only available until Feb. 29, although owners will have access to its limited content ad infinitem.

Check out our review of November's latest Call of Duty release for more on its multiplayer mode and the rest of what the dystopian future-set first-person shooter has to offer.

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