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Leonardo DiCaprio really works for that Oscar in Red Carpet Rampage

Have more fun with this game than the actor will on Oscar night

Red Carpet Rampage is a browser game with a simple but alluring hook: help perpetual bridesmaid Leonardo DiCaprio finally nab that Oscar. Where the retro-style button masher really draws players in, though, is with the trials it forces Leo through on his way to the Academy Awards stage.

Developed by British animation group The Line, Red Carpet Rampage has players mashing their keyboards in an effort to chase down an Oscar statue that's just slightly out of reach. It breaks up what could become a monotonous premise by mixing in situations based on the actor's filmography as additional tests of Academy worthiness.

red carpet rampage

Amidst references to Leo's past works — and previous awards show misses — are appearances from his Oscar night competition, who are also racing to nab the statue for their own. Red Carpet Rampage even takes the time to reference the broader cultural dialogue surrounding this year's Academy Awards with a minigame called "Find the Black Nominee."

red carpet rampage

The varied gameplay makes for an unexpectedly deep experience, one that might just beg to be replayed up until Oscar night. This year's Academy Awards air Feb. 28. Fans of Red Carpet Rampage will have to tune in to see if DiCaprio, who's up for Best Actor for The Revenant, finally gets his hands on that statute — something he's unable to do in the game itself, no matter how hard the player tries.

red carpet rampage

The next level of puzzles.

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