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Nintendo opens registration for new Nintendo Account

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Successor to Nintendo Network ID goes live

Registration for Nintendo's new multiplatform account system, known simply as a Nintendo Account, is now live. Nintendo fans can now register for a Nintendo Account using their Nintendo Network ID, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts.

Signing up for a Nintendo Account is pretty easy and straightforward — there's just not much users can do with the new account service yet. Nintendo says the account can be used with its upcoming rewards program, My Nintendo, and its first smart device application, Miitomowhich are scheduled to launch in March.

Nintendo Accounts are different from Nintendo Network IDs, which are used primarily on the company's Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems. Users will need a Nintendo Account to pre-register for Miitomo, Nintendo's forthcoming Mii-powered social app. Pre-registration for Miitomo is scheduled to go live on Feb. 17, though the application's website is not live as of the time of writing.

Nintendo fans can register for a Nintendo Account at the company's website and link their various social media accounts to the new system.

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