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Homer Simpson to appear live for first time ever in May

Will also answer questions from audience members

For the first time in Simpsons history, Homer is going to appear live on the animated series for three minutes.

During those three minutes, Homer will offer his opinion on topical news — like the current election — and may answer questions from audience members through social media, executive producer Al Jean told CNNMoney.

In order to bring the character to life, Jean and the team will use motion capture technology on voice actor Dan Castellaneta while he's in the studio. This way, Jean said, everything the actor does will appear live, not just what he says.

For the most part, the live segment will look like the rest of the episode, but will be far more interactive than anything they've done before, according to Jean.

The live three-minute segment will air on both the East and West coast on May 15. People who want to ask Homer a question are encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #AskHomer between May 1 and May 4.

The Simpsons airs Sunday nights on Fox at 8 p.m. ET.

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