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Capcom says it's fixing Street Fighter 5's launch issues

The game is a 'living and breathing platform'

Capcom released Street Fighter 5 on both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC yesterday, a launch accompanied by various server and other issues that the company say it's currently addressing. In a post to its Capcom Unity blog, the developer updated Street Fighter players on the status of a variety of problems experienced in both versions.

Online connectivity issues on both PS4 and PC editions of the new Street Fighter "should be less frequent" now that the game has launched across all regions, according to Capcom's update. The company also claims to have resolved problems with matchmaking, which were caused by a server error.

PC users experiencing crashes or problems with booting up Street Fighter 5 are advised to check their anti-virus software's setting, Capcom said. These issues could be caused by programs rejecting the executable file; the company recommended that PC players dealing with frequent crashes add the game to their anti-virus' exclusion list.

There's also a fix in the works for Fighter IDs becoming corrupted on the PC version of the game, Capcom said.

The company also acknowledged a variety of features desired by Street Fighter 5 players on PC. These include support for PS3 and PS4-compatible fight sticks, expanded key mapping and increased language options. Capcom stated that it is looking into these and other requested additions, which would arrive in future updates.

"Street Fighter 5 is a living and breathing platform that will continue to improve and evolve over time with more features and content," Capcom said. "With that being said, we'd like to assure you that we are always listening to your feedback," it added.

Also to arrive post-launch is Street Fighter 5's full story mode, a first for the series. That free update is slated for June. The game also has a $29.99 season pass that will add new fighters to the roster. SteamOS support is forthcoming later this spring, too.

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