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The King of Fighters 14 adds the King of Dinosaurs to its roster

Also, Terry Bogard

SNK Playmore confirmed four more characters are coming to The King of Fighters 14, including an all-new fighter who goes by the name King of Dinosaurs and series veteran Terry Bogard. Those two will be joined by another pair of fighters returning for KOF 14: Maxima and Clark Still.

King of Dinosaurs is described as "an evil and mysterious 'heel'" lucha libre wrestler who wears a Tyrannosaurus Rex disguise. His identity is apparently a secret, based on a PlayStation Blog post introducing him. King of Dinosaurs isn't the only masked Mexican wrestler to appear in The King of Fighters. Tizoc, from Garou: Mark of the Wolves, has appeared in previous KOF entries.

The real question surrounding the mysterious wrestler, however, is whether one can be both The King of Fighters and the King of Dinosaurs.

In a new teaser video for The King of Fighters 14, we get a look at the recently confirmed roster additions, as well as fighters Robert, K', Kula, Chang, King, Angel, Ralf, Leona, Billy, Benimaru and Andy in action. SNK Playmore promises 50 playable characters in The King of Fighters 14, which is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016.

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