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Watch Kerbal Space Program on Xbox One

Astronaut simulation is almost ready for console launch

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Four years after it first appeared on Steam Early Access, Kerbal Space Program is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The video above is the first time footage of the the Xbox One version has been released, captured today during a demo at DICE.

Kerbal Space Program is a simulation that includes engineering, logistics, physics and exploration. It's a game of discovery in which players piece together all manner of spacecraft and send them out into the universe.

The home planet of Kerbal is loosely based on Earth, as is its surrounding solar system. Players can try different modes which focus on either simple Lego-style construction of spacecraft through to a full simulation of a space program, starting with little more than a shed.

According to Mexico City-based publisher Squad, the console and PC versions will be the same as one another, once the console versions arrive some time in the next few months. "Apart from a few days delay for console update certification, we will always have parity," said producer Jose Luis Palacios. The console versions will cost $40, the same as the Steam version.

Kerbal Space Program has a highly active community and a big modding scene. Some of the top mods are brought into the full game by Squad and will be made available to console players.

Palacios said that moving to consoles will open up KSP to new players. "My father does not like to play with the WASD keys and mouse," he said. "But he's comfortable with the joypad and playing on the big screen in his living space."

As you can see from the video, there are many considerations in play for would-be astronauts, ranging from orbital physics to manning spacecraft. "Playing this game shows people what a great achievement it was to put a man on the moon," said Palacios. "Getting to the moon in Kerbal is one of the greatest feelings in gaming."

Update: The name of the game's producer has been updated.

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