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Watch us build a castle in Fire Emblem Fates (and lay siege to someone else's)

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Fire Emblem Fates adds some slick new mechanics to the franchise, but its largest overhaul is how it handles all of the character management and relationship drama that happens off the battlefield. Or should I say, "where" it handles it: in your own customizable castle. Fire Emblem Fates gives you a fort with a bunch of customizable features like upgradable buildings, automated defenses and artillery, then lets you take your army online to assault other players' facilities, claiming the souls of their soldiers for your own. It can get pretty nasty.

Check out the video above to watch us tool around in a couple of customizable castles before mounting an assault on a heavily fortified headquarters online. Fire Emblem Fates is out tomorrow — you can read more about its threefold campaign in our full review!

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