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More than 20,000 fans sign petition to have Deadpool host SNL

Can the Merc with a Mouth go late night?

Ryan Reynolds hosted Saturday Night Live back in 2009, and now more than 20,000 people have signed a petition to get him to host again. Well, kind of.

Deadpool fan Andrew Stege launched the petition four weeks ago to have Deadpool host the variety show and today, it finally crossed the 20,000 supporter mark. In the petition, which is directed at Saturday Night Live creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels, Stege said it would be great to see Deadpool "inserting some of his brand of humor" into the show.

Commenters have expressed the same sentiments, adding that they wouldn't want Reynolds to host and perform a parody Deadpool sketch. Instead, they want Reynolds to host the entire episode as his movie's titular character.

This isn't the first time that a petition has been filed to have a celebrity host SNL. Back in 2010, the internet petitioned on Facebook to have Betty White host the show. While that was ultimately successful, it seems far less likely that Deadpool's going to get a call to host.

For one thing, he isn't a real person. There's only so many sketches the cast could do with the costumed character over 90-minutes. He's also not a top tier superhero at this point. SNL would hardly consider having Andrew Garfield or Toby McGuire host an entire episode as Spider-Man, let alone Reynolds as Deadpool.

Despite that, there is a very good chance that Reynolds could be invited back to host for a second time. With Deadpool being one of the most successful movies at the box office right now and climbing, it would be a good time to reach out to Reynolds.

Deadpool is currently playing in theaters.

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