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Counter-Strike: GO brings back Nuke as part of Operation Wildfire

New CS:GO event introduces community maps and de_nuke remake

A new event for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dubbed Operation Wildfire adds a pair of campaigns that feature more than 50 missions, new weapons and skins, and the return of a classic Counter-Strike map: Nuke.

Operation Wildfire runs until June 17 and highlights seven community-made maps, in addition to the CS:GO remake of Nuke. Counter-Strike players who drop $5.99 on the Operation Wildfire Access Pass will get some exclusive goods: a Challenge Coin and Operation Journal, which keeps track of their stats; access to competitive Blitz missions; and the Wildfire case, which includes "16 top-rated community-created weapon finishes and the new Bowie Knife" as well as Operation-exclusive weapon drops.

Alongside the launch of Operation Wildfire comes the return of Nuke, which first appeared in the original Counter-Strike in 1999 and was later remade for Counter-Strike: Source. Valve has updated the map in an effort to modernize and rebalance Nuke:

The main goals of this complete overhaul and re-build of the map were to improve gameplay by providing the Terrorist team with more tactical options, and to visually upgrade the map with a higher-quality, more readable aesthetic. We set out to adjust rotation times between the stacked bombsites, Counter-Terrorist strategic control of the rafters, and added a new outdoor attack route.

More details on the retooled map — with comparison screenshots — are available at the official Counter-Strike website.

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