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Stop what you're doing and watch Computer Fighters right now

A terrible sitcom from a place out of time

Surely you remember Vid Kid magazine, that luscious periodical from the early 1990's. That's where all us experienced video games players used to read about the hottest releases for the Super Buddy System, Tudegear 99 and the Sego Phaserdisc. Gosh, if I had a nickel for every time I slapped a quarter down on the Data East classic McShark or Sega's Mel Gibson: The Game I'd be a rich man right now.

But gods as my witnesses, I'll never forget the issue of Vid Kid that introduced me to Computer Fighter: 2000. I would always play as Gunfoot.

Of course, most of the words I've just written into the internet are absolute nonsense. The glorious kind of nonsense that comes out of the mouth of Neil Cicierega and the team at New Kids on the Rock. You might remember Cicierega from Potter Puppet Pals, Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny or Brodyquest. I don't want to spoil anything for you this time around, so just take yourself about 22 minutes at the end of a long work day and check this out.

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