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Watch Hearthstone's lead designer kick ass at Hearthstone

Here's a pro tip for how to get better at Hearthstone: Be the dude who designed Hearthstone. Blizzard's digital card game has been a popular mainstay on Twitch for a couple of years now, and this week the game's lead designer decided to join the streaming crowd.

Over on his Twitch account, Brode started up a brand new free-to-play-only Hearthstone account. After finishing the basic unlocks required, he started an arena run as a rogue. You can check it out beginning at 8:30 in the video above.

While Brode gets a lot of trash talk from viewers, he quickly proves his knowledge of the game he, you know, helped create from the ground up. For example, people in the Twitch chat mocked him for wanting to put a Conceal card in his deck, but it quickly ends up winning him a game.

different stream features Brode working up the game's ranked ladder on the new account. He also answers chat members' questions, revealing some interesting tidbits about both himself and the Hearthstone development process.

So far Brode is sitting at three wins and zero losses in his new account's first arena run. That's not an incredible number, but the games themselves really showcase the extent of his knowledge and thoughtfulness as he plays. He says he plans to stream more in the future.

For more on Hearthstone, Brode and how Blizzard has started working with the game's huge streaming community during the development process, check out our behind-the-scenes feature from earlier this week.

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