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Sherlock manga finally making its way stateside

Holmes and Watson return to the page

A manga based on the TV drama Sherlock will make its American debut this June, courtesy of Titan Comics. The publisher announced that it would be translating the Japanese comic books at the annual ComicsPRO event, according to Comic Book Resources.

The first volume is based on the BBC series' premiere episode, "A Study in Pink." The manga by mononymous illustrator Jay was first published in 2012. In its localized edition, the issue will feature additional, exclusive pages designed by various other artists.

A follow-up manga adapted from Sherlock's second episode premiered in 2013. Titan Comics has not announced a release date for that volume.

The publisher is also responsible for another BBC series, Doctor Who. Both shows air stateside; a special episode of Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, premiered on PBS in January, while Doctor Who wrapped up its ninth season on BBC America.

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