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This is how you sell VR: Watch Adrift's beautiful new trailer

How to promote something people need to see to believe

Playing Adrift is an experience that's hard to describe if you've never used one of the newer VR devices, but the latest trailer for the Oculus Rift launch title attempts to sell you on the feeling of being weightless in space.

"It doesn’t really compare to having that helmet on, when you’re in there," Three One Zero founder Adam Orth told me when I played the game CES, talking about the more traditional version of the game. "I hope people find some way to try it in VR, even if they’re not sold on VR, I hope they find some way to see it. I hate using this word, but it is transformative. The first time you have a good VR experience, you’re sold forever."

The trailer doesn't attempt to explain what it's like in VR, but the meditative pacing, combined with the subtle use of depth in the quotes, at least gives you a sense of the feeling of being engulfed by the cold of space.

You can watch the trailer above, watch nine minutes of footage from last year, and check out my hands-on impressions. Adrift will be released on March 28, alongside the retail version of the Oculus Rift.