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Mistwalker reveals new project in partnership with Silicon Studio

Blue Dragon studio teaming up with Bravely Default developer

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Hironobu Sakaguchi's studio Mistwalker is collaborating with Silicon Studio, the developer behind Bravely Default and 3D Dot Game Heroes, on a new title, the two companies announced today. While details on the studios' new game are scant, there is a piece of concept art.

Interestingly, that concept art was revealed to the public nearly seven years ago.

In a release posted by Silicon Studio, the Tokyo-based developer says that details on the new game (or games) — such as title, release platforms and release date — will be announced later. The concept art included in the release is from artist Kimihiko Fujisaka and was first published in 2009. At the time, Fujisaka said the artwork was not related to a Mistwalker title currently in development.

"My illustrations and designs keep piling up without seeing the light of day. It happens a lot, but I think of it like medals of honor from battle," Fujisaka said in 2009 in response to speculation about the artwork. "The project I had been working on never made it through to completion, and the one thing that I really realized was that I was very disappointed in my lack of skill."

The artwork may be related to the console version of Terra Battle, Mistwalker's role-playing game for smartphones; the piece appears on the official Terra Battle website. Mistwalker promised fans a console version of the mobile game as part of the developer's "Download Starter" promotion, which offered players incentives as Terra Battle reached certain download milestones.

Sakaguchi has said that the console version of Terra Battle won't be a straight port of the mobile version, and confirmed that development on that version had begun as of April 2015.

Mistwalker has primarily focused on mobile development in recent years. Its early work was for consoles and Nintendo DS, and the developer's last console release was 2011's The Last Story for Wii. Silicon Studio also has experience developing for consoles and mobile devices; its recent work (Monster Takt, Muramasa: Princess Commander, Grand Sphere) has been released on Android and iOS devices.

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