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Dice bag showing its age? Try this customizable box instead

Little luxuries from Dog Might make tabletop gaming an every-day carry

Nice tabletop gaming gear is expensive, but it's also highly desirable as players level up in life and want to work their hobbies into their homes. Just look at the incredibly successful folks at Geek Chic who've turned an over-the-top extravagance into a Shark Tank funded furniture line.

If you've been following my ramblings here in Polygon's tabletop section you may have noticed that I really dig this kind of hand-crafted stuff. One of the items that stood out to me at the recent Gen Con convention was the Adventure Case, from the folks at Dog Might Games. However, just like the Geek Chic tables, their stuff tends to be a bit out of my price range.

Can I really afford a custom-made, $350 game master's screen? Absolutely not. But I could prolly do $60. And thankfully, Dog Might has scaled down the Adventure Case and created the Dragon Sheath, a slim travel case for everything you need for most tabletop role-playing games.

Their discounted Kickstarter pre-order campaign means that for the price of a single new console game I could turn my ancient and unwieldy collection of dice bags ...

... into this.

Yeah, it's a wood pencil case with some magnets. I get that. But stay with me here.

Dog Might has a number of exotic finishes available, which is all fine and good. But right now you're also able to customize your case with any one of 11 interiors. That means you can get a plain-Jane case to hold whatever you like for $35, or for about twice as much completely deck your case out with slots for dice, coins, pencils and other essentials.

There's even an optional padded compartment for your miniature to lie in repose.

They sent a few samples over for me to photograph and they're very attractive. After living with it for a week I can tell you that the magnets are plenty strong, and the foam seems sturdy enough and well attached. There's also a very nice texture to the carving. It feels like it will weather well from traveling and be one of those treasures you keep on the shelf in the gaming room when it's not stuffed inside your bag.

With products like these, Dog Might continues to be a team to watch for custom tabletop gaming gear. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have on offer this August.

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