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NBA star Chris Bosh has an ... unusual injury in NBA 2K16

`I didn't kill my wife!' 'I don't care!'

The main menu of NBA 2K16's career mode has featured a fictitious Twitter feed for the past few editions, and it's where players can catch up on what else is happening in the league. In this case, Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh (pictured) will make his next game, but oh boy, has he got a lot of personal troubles.

chris bosh nba 2k16 joke tweet

The good news, Dr. Bosh, is you're married to Sela Ward. Or, well, you were. The bad news is you're going to have one hell of a bus ride to prison for a murder you didn't commit. Also, if you have any lingering fear of heights, you might want to conquer that.

The feed in question for NBA 2K16 is this one in real life. @NBAInjuryR3port is a comedy account that, in addition to snarking on underperforming teams, concocts silly injuries for the league's notable players. So joke tweets like this in NBA 2K16 are common but even this one caught the forums at Operation Sports off guard.

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