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Doctor Who lands on Amazon Prime after being pulled from Netflix

Stream to your heart's content for $99 a year

Just one month after the BBC yanked Doctor Who from Netflix, the beloved sci-fi series has found a new home on Amazon Prime.

The streaming service released a 15-second video on Twitter alerting subscribers to different series and seasons that would become available in March, including Doctor Who.

According to the video, the first eight series will be available to stream on the service, with plans for the ninth series to join when it becomes available.

What's New on #PrimeVideo in March

For those that don't have Prime but want a digital platform to stream the series, subscriptions cost $99 a year. That membership fee also includes access to Amazon's music streaming service and free e-books.

If you don't want to sign up for Prime, DVD versions of individual Doctor Who series are going for around $30 to $40 on Amazon.

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