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Introducing Tomodachi Survivor, our new fictional celebrity reality show

Life is all about finding common ground with the ones you love. That's why my colleague Justin McElroy and I have chosen to take something Justin is passionate about — long-running reality television show Survivor — and combine it with something I love dearly: Nintendo's underrated 3DS masterpiece, Tomodachi Life.

The result: Tomodachi Survivor, a new weekly video series. Here are the rules: I've fleshed out a fresh Tomodachi Life save filled with 16 unique celebrity islanders, the identities of which I won't spoil for you here. Each week, Justin and I will explore the island we've built, feeding and clothing the residents, seeing the relationships that emerge between the Miis, and forming our own uncomfortable parasocial attachments to each character.

Then, at the end of each episode, we will be forced to make a pivotal decision: One islander must be eliminated, reducing the island's population every single week. By the end, there will be one islander remaining, and that islander will be crowned king or queen of Tomodachi Survivor.

Above, watch the debut episode of Tomodachi Survivor, where we meet the island's eccentric castaways for the first time, spend some quality time with our early favorites, and tragically, send one islander home.

And hey, if you've enjoyed the first episode of Tomodachi Survivor, why not share it with a friend or subscribe to us on YouTube? You'll be notified as soon as new episodes go up each week, and it's hard to imagine anything more convenient than that. Thanks for watching!

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