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Halo 5 supports community member with in-game memorial to a tragic loss

A gamer's two daughters died a month ago, and will be remembered in one map's night sky

The next update to Halo 5: Guardians pays respects to a Halo community member's two daughters of  who died in a tragic fire.

The girls, Trinity and Lena, will be remembered by the first animated emblem to come to the game. It is called the True Light Emblem, taking its name from their initials. A still version of it can be seen below.

halo memorial emblem true light

Trinity and Lena lost their lives in an electrical fire last month. They are the children of the player thecrzedspartan (real name Adam) and when the Halo community noticed and poured out its support, 343 Industries took notice and expressed sympathies as well.

"It was inspiring to see the Halo community come together to support Adam and Rebecca in a variety of ways," wrote 343's studio head, Josh Holmes.

Additionally, on the new Torque map, the girls' names will be set into the sky above as constellations. "These are but small gestures meant to honor Adam's daughters, ensuring that their memories are always close at hand," Holmes wrote.

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