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Humble Bundle RPG deal has more Pathfinder content than you probably need (update)

Nearly $400 of role-playing source books

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Right now the Humble Store is running an amazing promotion on the Pathfinder tabletop role-playing system. Shoppers can pay what they want for seven Pathfinder products, including the Core Rulebook and the GameMastery Guide. It's everything would-be game masters need to jump start a gaming group.

Just before Dungeons & Dragons launched its 4th edition ruleset, Pathfinder was born. Paizo Publishing has grown the product, largely based off D&D 3.5, into a rich system that caters to a dedicated player base. It's also got some of the thickest rulebooks of any tabletop role-playing game on the market.

Thankfully, Paizo has remained dedicated to making its complex systems as easy to manage as possible. The company prides itself on its digital editions, and many gaming groups rely on the search functionality that modern tablets and smartphones provide to make their games run faster and smoother.

This Humble Bundle features over 1,000 pages of material, all of it in digital form. Those who pay $16.99 or more will also unlock 14 additional books, including the Bestiary, Bestiary 2, Inner Sea Poster Map Folio and the Advanced Player's Guide. At $25 plus shipping, they'll even send you a physical copy of the Beginner Box.

The promotion runs through March 9. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Extra Life charity or a charity of your choice.

Update: Customers reported back in the comments of this article that the Pathfinder bundle was not actually DRM-free, featuring both a watermark and an encrypted passcode. We reached out to Humble Bundle for comment.

"We are aware of the watermark, which we do not consider to be DRM," a Humble representative said via email. "However, we were not aware of the PDF encryption, which prevents you from modifying the individual components of the PDF. While you can print it and do anything you want to that copy, it is hard to argue that PDF encryption is not DRM. You can also just export it as an unencrypted PDF and modify that copy if you would like. We are currently changing our messaging and apologize for the error."

We've updated the article to reflect this change. Thanks to reader DopeGhoti for the tip.

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