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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is getting a new character from Samurai Warriors

Oops! It's a wacky time-traveling mix-up!

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Team Ninja's fighting game Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is getting a new character next month: Naotora Ii from Koei Tecmo's Samurai Warriors series.

Naotora's appearance in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round comes just after the release of Samurai Warriors 4 Empires — which will hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on March 15. The Dead or Alive version of Naotora will be available for download on March 17 for the PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One versions of Last Round. She'll cost $5.99 and is included as part of the fighting game's Season Pass 3.

How did Naotora Ii make the leap from 16th century Japan to the modern-day Dead or Alive fighting tournament? Koei Tecmo explains:

Dragged into a mysterious portal by-way-of a M.I.S.T. time-travelling experiment, the ruler of Japan's Warring States era Ii Clan, Naotora Ii, emerges in present-day next to a competitor of the DEAD OR ALIVE fighting tournament. Given no other choice but to fight for her life, and keeping her family motto of ‘once on the battlefield, one must face the enemy head on' in mind, a determined Naotora sets out to emerge victorious from this strange new challenge. Specializing in kick-based attacks, Naotora developed her signature ‘Ii Style Leg Strikes' fighting style after serving under Yoshimoto Imagawa, who based his techniques on his mastery of the traditional Japanese ball game "kemari." The quick and powerful strikes from her long legs make her a formidable rival to anyone who steps into the ring!

Koei Tecmo is also releasing a fresh batch of costumes for Naotora Ii, as well as some Samurai Warriors-inspired outfits for other Dead or Alive 5: Last Round characters. Naotora's costume pack will cost $7.99. A bundle with the character are her first batch of costumes will cost $11.99.

To see more of Naotora Ii, her add-on wardrobe and the Samurai Warriors-inspired costumes, check out the gallery below.

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