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Report: Marvel, Netflix cast Game of Thrones star as Iron Fist

Finn Jones, best known for his work as Ser Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones, has reportedly been cast as Danny Rand in Marvel and Netflix's upcoming series, Iron Fist.

Entertainment Weekly first confirmed the news on Thursday after rumors were revealed on That Hashtag Show, although without comment from either Netflix or Marvel. When Polygon reached out to Jones' agent, he didn't confirm or deny the news, but said he "wished the rumors were true."

Polygon has reached out to both Netflix and Marvel for confirmation on the casting and will update as the story develops.

Last month, Luke Cage star Mike Colter told Collider that Marvel had cast Iron Fist, but joked they were keeping the actor "locked away in a basement somewhere."

Iron Fist has been a difficult role for to cast after Marvel and Netflix reportedly suffered from conflicting views on which direction to bring the character in. First introduced to Marvel readers in 1974, Iron Fist is a master of martial arts who can channel all of the chakra in his body and focus it into his fist, giving him an unbelievable punch.

Iron Fist shared a comic book series with Luke Cage, called Power Man and Iron Fist, for years. Eventually, they launched superhero team, Heroes for Hire, with a variety of other Marvel characters.

Iron Fist is the fourth show in Marvel and Netflix's five-part series, following DaredevilJessica Jones and Luke Cage. All four heroes will join forces in the last series, The Defenders.

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