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Superhot's in-fiction trailer rocks

A love letter to the demo scene of the '80s and '90s

Superhot goes live today, and the reviews — including our own — are heaping praise on the game. One of the very best parts of the experience is how the menus are built within a kind of retro-futuristic operating system called piOS.

Inside those menus are a bunch of little mini-games, screensavers and ASCII art files. There's also this demake of the Superhot trailer, which looks like it's being forced to run on a heavily modified Intel 8086-based machine.

Back in 2014 I visited Team Superhot, as well as many other developers from across the country. Just about everyone I talked to reminisced about the "good old days" before the country began to Westernize, when cracked versions of games could be bought for pennies on the dollar at perfectly legit open-air markets. Superhot's piOS, and this trailer in particular, feels like a love letter to those times.

Of course, they also released their official launch trailer, which is pretty great.

It's also got a rockin' bassline. Enjoy.

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