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Stephen King's The Mist is headed to Spike TV

First there was a movie, and now there's a TV show

Acclaimed novelist Stephen King's story from 1980, The Mist, has already been adapted for the big screen, but it looks like it just might be heading to the small screen, too.

Spike TV announced today that it had ordered a pilot for King's story about a group of residents in Maine who become trapped in a small grocery store after a strange fog rolls into town. In 2007, Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) directed a feature-length film adaption of the story that starred Thomas Jane.

Although Spike didn't specify how long the series would be if it went to full order, there will undoubtedly be issues pushing the narrative forward week after week if they stick to the story. With only one setting used the majority of the time, executive producer Christian Torpe (best known for his work on Rita) will have to work out new ways to expand the world The Mist takes place in.

The pilot is currently in development and will air this fall on the network.

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